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(Filthy) Fifty Shades of Grey

Watching censored semi-porn in the big screen with strangers is simply unfathomable for me. People say that they watched Filthy Fifty Shades of Grey or will watch because of the story or the excellent cinematography, music and acting skills. Aha…Really? This might be true in some extent however I see it as encrypting secret codes.

Well, let me speak out some points. One, Christian Grey is a walking checklist of not what to look for in a partner. Second, what if we take away the money and his good looks, are we still enticed?  Go beyond the pocket. Go beyond the looks. Go beyond the surface. Third, real life Anas exist and they need our support so they can finally come out of the dark and experience true love. As for the people who are willing to be in Ana’s place, enlighten them because it is definitely not normal. Last, this should be a PUSH for us to condemn and do something to end abuse, violence, sexual exploitation and other life horrors.

To close.

I pray for the Anas of our society.

I pray that there will be no more Mr. Greys..and grey areas.


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