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We’re all in the woods.

The childhood stories I knew were redefined. Some slept as soon as the lights turned off, some disapproved and others – puzzled but for me I liked it. I think it is a collection of subliminal messages and representations that encourage thinking..and feeling.

Characters we are familiar with were used to make it more relatable and reachable.

Here are some of my thoughts..

The witch may be wise but all she saw was drudgery and brokenness.  She was imprisoned by the things she despise.  If only she allowed the light to penetrate in so she can see beyond the valley.

Both good and bad exists, and the question does not end on “what do you know?” it should continue to “what will you do about it?”

The sacrificial witch was also a reminder to parents on how to raise a child, disciplining and letting go.

Protection is not just about the clothes we wear…

For me the cape is our skin which changes over time.

Some won’t shake it off, some shed, others have many to flaunt and others are brave enough to bare.

Good > Nice

No matter how enticing it is, just keep right.

We are all in the woods. Various stories to tell, goals and intention but at the end we’ll meet again to tell our once upon a time.

To go to the Festival-!

Into the woods!

I can still hear them singing.

Into the woods!

Into the woods,

Saw the traces of colors at the back of my palm

Then out of the woods,

And home before it’s dark!

Cure my LSS and take me out of the scene.


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