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Co-creating a happily ever after for the Environment

Fairy tales made us believe in happily ever after.

These stories trained us to be hopeful for the future since we were young.

Little boys and girls are tucked in bed every single night as they giggle, imagining the magical world.

A life, ending in a happily ever after, how sweet it would be.

I believe this is one of the fundamental components of early childhood however, introducing the world and teaching life should not definitely stop after closing the book and turning the lights off.

Realities such as global warming, pollution, environment SOS, extinction and the likes exist.

Things that would make us cringe if only we all fully realize its effects and consequences.


Pooh bear will get thin because there’s no more honey. Animals like Bears will be extinct because their natural habitats are continuously destroyed because of deforestation.

Mulan is now suffering from cough. Her health is deteriorating because of Pollution. She barely sees the city she fell in love with.


Ariel’s fins that was once vivacious red is now oily brownish black grey dark I donno.

I’m sure Flounder, Sebastian and even Ursula is crying for help. Their kingdom is in danger and their friends are slowly dying.

The cold never bothered Elsa, native wildlife like the Arctic seals nor the cold region’s native inhabitants. Because they know that it helps moderate global climate, it influences ocean currents and it limits severe weather.

If we want to create the world we want and have our own version of happily ever after, we need to daily choose the best action for us and for the environment.

If we want to be hopeful for the future, we need to protect our only home.

We need to assure not just the Earth and the community’s survival but its sustainability as well, so that the next generations to come can experience the joy of discovering nature.

We can move further.

From merely imagining to molding the world we want.

Let’s act, not tomorrow or the next day but today.

We have the capacity. We have the power.  Together, we can.

*A toast to our bright future and our own happily ever after.








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7 reasons why Arctic sea ice matters http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/wilderness-resources/blogs/7-reasons-why-arctic-sea-ice-matters

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Sea Ice



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