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BloggedIn ASEAN: The first ASEAN blogathon 2014

Vavaboom! 2 more days to go and the first ever blogathon will take off!

To give you more idea about this event, here’s the Press release: This is a press release from BloggedIn: ASEAN

MANILA, Philippines – In 2015, the 10 nations of the ASEAN will undergo an economic integration which will have drastic effects in a wide range of fields. The youth is at the forefront of this integration as it is their future that will be affected by this change. In addition, the growing trend of social media and blogging gives the youth an amplified channel to voice out their thoughts and collaborate with each other.

Organized by a Philippine Team under President Barrack Obama’s Young Southeast Asian Leader’s Initiative, BloggedIn: ASEAN leverages on these trends by providing a channel for the SouthEast Asian Youth to “be logged into” a social issue and consequently, produce creative work that spreads awareness, produces insight, and inspires action that addresses this issue.

The First ASEAN Blogathon

At 8 am on November 15, the blogathon begins with a blog relay across eight ASEAN countries and culminates at 8 pm with a landmark event in Manila.

The event in Manila puts together three key program features that aim to create a unique and meaningful experience not just for delegates but for anyone logged on to their network.

At the ‘Lightning Talks’, delegates will learn from a series of bite- sized, interdisciplinary talks from today’s thought-leaders & experts.

  • Richard Heydarian, international foreign affairs analyst and writer
  • Kip Oebanda, Visayan Forum anti-human trafficking advocate
  • Al Gabriel, One of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the World
  • Roy Cosico, Former Deputy Head of Mission, Doctors without Borders
  • Paul Rivera, Founder and CEO of Kalibrr, a Y Combinator-backed startup
  • Ivan Henares, Renowned heritage advocate and travel blogger
  • Lesley Cordero, Undersecretary for Rehabilitation, Office of the President
  • Jonathan Yabut, the Apprentice Asia Winner
  • Jolly Estaris (host), Social Media Expert

During the ‘Blogathon’, teams will be tasked to research, write, and design their own blog entries showcasing an ASEAN issue they care about. For the next part of the program, ‘Making an Impact,’ delegates will be posed the bigger challenge: make their blogs go viral. The objective is to involve as many people in the digital conversation in the allotted time. Top blog entries, based on shares, likes and content, will then be awarded.

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As for me ASEAN integration means:

Lowering the defense and sharpening the sword. That’s how I see the ASEAN integration as if we are all readying for

a fight, eyeing for one goal which is a better and stronger ASEAN in unity and harmony. It’s like the partnership of

EU but the grooves is different, it is ASEAN style.

There are loads of pros and cons in this set up but I believe, we

should focus on the bright side and do wise actions to minimize the impact of the negative aspect rather than resist

change in pain. With this, youth opportunities such as conferences, collaboration, scholarships and workshops will

increase to prepare tomorrow’s generation.

This also serves as a reminder to every youngster to improve and beattheir yester-self, to master their craft and discover their own blue ocean so they can contribute more and make

ASEAN soar high.


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