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Let’s Do It Asia Conference 2014

Last month, I received a letter of acceptance from Let’s Do it Asia 2014. Without second thought, I just knew that I have to be there. So I confirmed my attendance on November 26-30 in San Remigio Beach Club Resort, Cebu and booked my flight to join the other 49 delegates coming from Asia and Europe.

The Regional Conference 2014 for Asia is organized by Let’s Do It in partnership with SEED4Com, Clean Up the Philippines Movement, Office of Cebu City Committee on Environment, Province of Cebu, ecoNOVATE and the Rotary Club of Mandaue East.

During the conference, following themes will be discussed and workshops will take place:

– Let’s Do It World – experiences from different countries

– team building

– PR / communication

– marketing / finances

– logistics and mapping

– identity of the project

– Zero Waste

– waste management in the future

To give you an overview:

Let’s Do It! movement and World Cleanup 2014

Let’s Do It! World is a civic led mass movement which began in Estonia during 2008 when 50,000 people gathered to clean up the entire country in just five hours. We are now an international movement with over 100 countries working together, engaging over 10 million participants.

Our aim is to clean up the whole World from illegally dumped solid waste and to then keep our planet clean! We work with passion and perseverance to support the most intelligent and sustainable waste management principles in order to ensure a future clean World.To reach the essential transformation in our global society, we have set the ambitious goal to involve 350 million people by 2018. This is around 5% of the World’s population and is the estimated amount to create a lasting change.

Birth of the Let’s Do It! movement

In 2007, there were a lot of people in Estonia who believed it was acceptable to dump their garbage in the forest. However, there were a group of people who believed this could be changed. An idea was born – to clean up the entire country in just one day! Even though nothing like this had ever been done, there was a strong belief that it was possible. For the first step, a team compromising of top professionals in their field was assembled, eventually growing into 620 people. Then, the team reached out to people, NGOs, municipalities, politicians and opinion leaders, gathering eventually over 500 partners. Even the President of Estonia supported the project.

The third step was to locate the illegal trash sites and estimate the type and amount of garbage. Therefore, a virtual garbage map was developed. The free waste mapping application enabled people to hunt down the trash points, upload the location and data using Google Earth software. Additionally, a massive communication campaign was organised. Well known Estonian actors, musicians and cultural leaders gave their support for the action.

On the 3rd of May 2008 over 50,000 people came out of their homes to clean up Estonia, the rest followed the process via all the media channels. That’s 4% out of a population of 1,3 million – which would equal 15,3 million in the USA or 57 million in India. There were also Americans, Russians, Finns, Germans, Swedes, Chinese and Lithuanians who took part in the Estonian cleanup day. The international media was following the most ambitious volunteer action in modern times. News of the event reached all around the globe.

Under normal circumstances it would have taken the government three years and 22,500,000 Euros to clean up the same amount of illegal garbage, but it was done for 500,000 euros and in only five hours.

So why Cebu?

The province of Cebu has been one of the first respondents to take action of relief efforts right after the earthquake struck Bohol and the typhoon Haiyan hit most parts of the Visayas region. Previous disasters have made us Filipinos more proactive and aware of what’s going on around our environment. As volunteers from different sectors, we will come together and take action as one to have a better and cleaner world as various environmental issues are starting to knock on our doorstep.

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